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Search engines are fast. But your fingers are slow. Search engines generate millions of results. But your eyes glaze over and your brain is boggled because you can't tell which results answer your question.

That's why you need a Searchelerator ™. That's why you need DiCheetal. What does DiCheetal do? Well...

Here's an example. If you search for Top Gun you'll get 71,400,000 results. A lot of them will have to do with the movie by that name (presumably what you're looking for). A lot will not. Some will be useful sites, like imdb.com. Many will be from Joe Schmoe's "I Hate Your Favorite Movie" blog. You have to wade through them to find what you want.

You can search only the sites you know have the information, but it's a lot of typing:

"top gun site:imdb.com OR site:metacritic.com OR site:rogerebert.com"

And that's if you only have three sites you want to check. What if you have ten? Or thirty? Horrible! Worse, you have to type all that every single time you do a movie search!

But with DiCheetal you set up and save a list of movie sites. Then, when you want to search you just type in the terms ("Top Gun"), pick the list, and click the button. Bam! DiCheetal builds the horrible, long search query for you, submits it, and you get back the results with a minimum of bother.

Face it. You need a Searchelerator ™. You need DiCheetal, the fastest cloud animal!

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