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DiCheetal Searchelerator ™


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What is required to install and run DiCheetal?

The following prerequisites are required:

If these components are already installed, you can download Dicheetal now.

If these components are not installed, click the button below to install them. DiCheetal will be downloaded afterwards.

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This thing is self-signed. How do you know you can trust us?

We are presently just a partnership of two guys who designed and developed the DiCheetal Searchelerator ™ (Search Accelerator). We self-signed this application because we aren't yet ready to shell out the money for a third-party certificate. The application is safe if you download it from us, but some browsers (notably Chrome) and some PC security packages might warn you not to install it. You might want some extra reassurance that we are who we say we are and that we aren't trying to play dirty tricks on you and your computer.

To reassure you, let's put a name and a face to the product. The principal software developer for DiCheetal is Dale E. Lehman, a professional software developer who has a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. He is also the owner/operator of Planet Baha'i and the Planet Baha'i Forum. And if that's not enough for you, he is also president and CEO of One Voice Press, LLC. You can go to any of these sites (or if you don't trust our links, you can easily find them on your own) and contact him. Ask him if he is really one of the DiCheetal guys. If he says no, then don't trust our download. If he says yes, then you probably are safe!

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